Then look no further! It is possible to find short term insurance cover lasting anywhere between 1 and 28 days.

What is temporary cover and why would anyone want it?

Not everyone wants to pay a premium for fully comprehensive car insurance for a full 12 months of the year, but there may be occasions that it is required, for example, to cover the cost of a policy for a new vehicle to allow enough time to be able to price up the best online deal for 12 months. It is also quite handy to cover courtesy cars when a vehicle is off the road for repair. Quite often temp cover will last anywhere between 1 day and 30 day insurance, dependant on needs and this is a great way to allow a person instant cover at a competitive price.

When children take to the road

There comes a time when children turn into adults and their thoughts turns to driving. It is at this point that many people delve more fully into the complexities and flexibility of car insurance. In order to allow a teenager (of legal driving age) to drive a car it is essential that a policyholder has the required insurance, and not only that, protection for their No Claims Discount.

That is where cheap weekly car insurance can prove incredibly useful. There are specialist policies that are designed to tailor towards and individual’s needs and short-term cover is considered to be an additional policy, which means the original policy holder is protected as it the No Claims Discount. However, be aware that not all firms will offer this kind of policy for non-drivers so it is necessary to compare and choose the correct policy for an individual’s needs.

The best way to find the correct policy

Most research is undertaken online today and this is no exception. Many sites will allow an individual to enter a few pertinent details and within minutes will give a quote or other answer if not eligible for what you read requesting. There is always the option of actually telephoning the company to discuss needs more fully.

It is at this time that it is possible to negotiate for a larger discount too. Some insurers do have limits to what they will offer (ie not to under 21’s or over 75’s due to the perceived risk) but by shopping around it is almost always possible to find a provider that will provide the necessary cover.

If a company is willing to provide one month car insurance, ensure that they are aware of all the pertinent information. In the case of younger drivers for example, many firms will insist on a driver having held a license for a minimum period of time, such as 6 months.

Other restrictions and caveats

Whilst insurance companies are becoming more flexible on some fronts, they still hold fast to certain restrictions. For example, cars (or vans) that have been modified often attract a premium and that is if the company are willing to give short-term insurance at all.

Additionally, if an individual has some penalty points or driving convictions then it may be more difficult to obtain cost effective short-term insurance. The company may take the view that anyone who has already attracted penalties is a risk, and whilst they may be willing to offer a quote it is not likely to be at the cheap end of the scale.